Wondering How We Compare in Weekly Price?

$55.90 a week

For a regular sized truLOCAL box, once a month.

See How We Stack Up

Shopping for quality meat doesn't have to be expensive, see how truLOCAL's $125 and $249 monthly box options compare to these other grocery alternatives below.

Customize Your Box

Grocery Store

$158 a week

The average person spends $158 a week on all groceries         (Stats Canada).


$45 a week

The average person spends $45 a week on eating at restaurants (Stats Canada).


Meal Kit Delivery Service

$65 a week
Meal Kits

The cost of weekly meal kit services for 2 people to eat 3 times a week
= Approximately $65 a week

Meal Prep Service

$120 a week
Meal Prep

The cost of meal prep delivery services for 2 people
= Approximately $120 a week

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